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 "My pictures are so colorful, varied and diverse as the life and the world around us," says Lora Monz. Her great passion for painting discovered in 1976, was born in the Ukrainian city Dnepropetrovsk artist as a child. Visit the School of Art followed by a study of painting at the University of their hometown as well as numerous trips abroad to Holland, Italy and Spain. Since 2003 she has lived in Germany and realized here as a freelance artist her dream.

Lora Monz celebrates with its colorful imagery across Germany with great success. The artistic interest of the Ukrainian focuses on the human image. She has been a metaphor for the modern man with complex interpersonal relationships, dreams, and emotions, his understanding of himself and his environment. Therefore Lora Monz addressed in their compositions and over again everyday situations, such as meetings at the beach, the turmoil in the street, the interaction in the restaurant or the hustle and bustle on a folk festival. With great sensitivity, she manages to depict the variety of personalities and expose their character traits, with all their quirks and weaknesses. Lora Monz tells stories of everyday life and keeps the viewer of her imagery with subtle humor often before the mirror.

Its dense character images Lora Monz is in her work against numerous compositions with single figures or pairs. They document a stronger focus on the inner life of the individual picture actors speak thematize the gaze of an artist inside. Lovers float full of lightness and happiness through dream cities, fantasy creatures like mermaids and angels inhabit these positive images minded, confident posing in their portraits of Eve symbolize the feminine allure. As a means of expression for the cheerful mood of her paintings is Lora Monz the color that they do over again to stage again in a dazzling array of shades and nuances. Brought in quick gesture to the big screen, just seems the black outlines of the lineament to curb this immense color and urge him gently but firmly to refer to its limits. With her life-affirming attitude formulated the Ukrainian a tribute to the life, love and imagination. 

(Taken from loramonz.de)