"Blue Poppy"  Tryptich

Oil on  Canvas

Total Size: 1.2m x 1m 

Price: £1,950

"Brooklyn Bridge" 

Oil on Canvas

Size: 1.2m x1m

Price: £1800

Born in Romania, in 1957, painter Vasile Leondar did not have a very easy artistic start due to the communist regime. He studied plastic arts in lasi’s O. Bancila Lyceum, then, informally -not to say without conforming - he interrupted his academic studies. I have always drawn to blossom, to express my feelings, to live and to learn my living! he says. Vasile leondar asserted his personality very early on in the fullness of his complexity. Seeking total independence, he has not joined any artistic group or movement so far. Abstract works alternate or intermingle with other figurative ones and show a link with reality. Confident in his innate talent, he hardly puts up with generally admitted norms and does not easily accept other people’s views, and certainly not the ideological, artistic, megalomaniac, communist ones. With his strong personality, perseverance and tenacity, he has never experienced periods of doubt. “Each painting is a new lesson of painting for me and I will not stop evolving”. The accumulation of obstacles (bureaucracy, lack of materials, etc...) lead him to make the most inmportant decision in his life: in 1992 he left Romania and settles in De Panne (Belgium). The density and the flexibility of his matter, the tenderness and the intensity of his colours, the energy of his strokes, mark appeasement and a fresh start.