Wendy Helliwell is a British artist based in Edinburgh who works with mixed media.
Influenced by fashion,beauty and mass media her work is steered towards ident...
ity, image and perception whilst on her own journey of self-discovery through self-expression.

Aware of growing trends within a world of consumerism and materialism Wendy gives her depiction of culture and style from the past, present and future with an arresting real and raw approach.

Materials are specifically chosen to enhance the works depth and delivery often presenting themselves in 3D form. Working regularly with a selection of throw away effects from receipts, to labels, tags, packaging, media cuttings and make-up (to name a few), these man-made matters are often collaged alongside foliage, flowers, sand, lead and charcoal creating a strong visual contrast.

The use of high-impact unnatural colours, often achieved by selecting cuttings from glossy magazines, create topical themes which are developed and presented as interesting conceptual deliberations.
We have the current original artworks by Wendy available: